Thursday, August 28, 2008

Responsibility & Acceptance

Responsibility is a loaded word. Where does the line end on responsiblity for our residents? Who is more responsible- the care-givers(direct family members) or the ones who are physically providing care(staff & members of the home). Satish* had been agitated for the last one week, refusing to take his medication and trying to flee the home. While he had escaped a few times, he had been brought back before venturing too far. Aasha has a no lock down facility and does not believe in keeping the residents like prisoners. They are free to go where they please as long as the staff are informed and they come under safety guidelines.
Satish' family was informed about the situation with a request to take him home for a few days. In return, the family pleaded with Aasha to keep him since they were having a family function. A ceremony was being held in their house in which they didn't want Satish to participate. The shocking fact was that the function was for Satish' wife and soon to be born child. Why was he being left out of a ceremony for his child?  Satish was at a functional level at the rehabilitation home a week before this agitation. Cause of his deterioration??????
* Name changed.

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