Thursday, September 4, 2008

Those we love

It is disconcerting to watch a parent cry. Any parent. I watched in silence as a father fumbled through his tears as he spoke of his ordeal. His son Sandhu* suffering from mental illness was venting his anger and frustation on the parents. This battle was proving to be traumatising for all. Sandhu was refusing treatment and it was getting harder to hold on to him. The apple of their eyes had turned into a violent stranger. Sandhu, under medication had reached a functional level and was employed in good firms at various periods. Unfortunately every time he reached an almost normal level he discontinued medication and downward spiral resumed yet again.

It would be incorrect to say that any illness doesn't affect the entire family but when the mind cannot be quantified there is as much confusion,anger and incomprehension so as to dislodge any connections that make reality real. Why does the utmost protector turn into the ultimate enemy?

*name changed

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