Sunday, February 15, 2015

Overview of 2014

Events of 2014
  1. In Dec 2013, AASHA residents were taken for a trip to Kanjeevaram. They were taken to Kanji Madam and had darshan at the KAMMATCHI AMMAN TEMPLE. This visit was arranged by Mr. Natrajan.
  2. Christmas was celebrated in AASHA home with a lot of festivity. Mr. Manuel - Treasurer of Aasha participated in the function.
  3. AASHA residents accompanied Ms. Nandini AASHA committee member for a marathon. She sponsored snacks and beverages for the residents during this period.
  4. Our residents were taken to Egmore museum, Parathasarthy Temple, Beach and Jumbo Circus for their enjoyment. All expenses were borne by AASHA.
  5. AASHA residents were taken to a theatre to watch block buster movie – Kochadaiyaan. Movie tickets and bus journey was sponsored by Kromatiks & Insulants Pvt Ltd.
  6. Vada production and sales which had stopped has resumed again. The stall is manned by AASHA resident Ms. Vijaya & Ms. Uma with help from the social worker.
  7. Independance Day August 15th was marked at AASHA home with flag hoisting, speech from members and distribution of snacks.
  8. ATMANIRBHAR TRUST run by AASHA president Ratna Chibber and Tanya Dutt - AASHA secretary donated a multi utility van to AASHA home for the purpose of transporting AASHA residents to their work places. At present AASHA Residents Mr. Ganeshan, Mr. G. SundarRaman, Mr. Srinivasan, Mr Dharmarajan who manages AASHA shop in mogappair and some others are using this transporation.
  9. AASHA residents Mr. G. Sundar Raman, Mr. R. Srinivasan, Mr. S.Srinivasan have been employed in employment unit managed by ATMANIRBHAR TRUST.
  10. AASHA president Ms. Ratna Chibber was a guest on Satyameva Jayate - a program of AAMIR KHAN FILMS and features her work in the field of mental health – AASHA shops and her company Kromatiks – an employer and donor of AASHA have been featured in the program. 


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