Sunday, August 8, 2010


On August 6th 2001, 25 mentally ill people were burnt alive in a fire at a home in Erawadi, Tamil Nadu. They could not escape as they were chained to their beds. This tragedy shocked the nation and there was worldwide condemnation on this gross violation of human care.

On August 6th 2010, we commemorate the victims of this tragedy. We keep the memory of their charred bodies alive in the hope that the world remembers that mental illness does not mean degradation, isolation, and death of the human spirit.

They did not die in vain.

Commemorating Erawadi - 9 years on

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


India , my birth place
where every religion and every race
has the freedom and the space
to enjoy their life at their pace.

Abdul Kalam made a guess
by 2020 India will be a story of success
the world is taking notice of us
in every field - the answer is Yes

The youth of our country are asking why
India can't raise the bar even high
standing united after every failed try
we will race ahead and win the tie.

When peace is at a premium today
and the world in total disarray
our country has shown that the Gandhian way
is the key for all we pray.

Let us unite, not as a nation
but as good human beings on every occasion. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

Aasha Wins At Kreeda 2010

Congratulations to The Banyan on organising a successful 'Kreeda 2010' at Loyola college on 26th and 27th March. Kreeda ’10, which means ‘Play’ in Sanskrit, is an initiative of The Banyan to establish bonds between mental health organisations and bring about interaction among persons with mental health issues.

At Kreeda’10 there were group activities and individual performances—talent shows (painting, music, story telling, poetry recital, dance etc) and fashion show among events that were held.

And the winners from Aasha winners were:

1. P. Sundarraman 1st prize in Speech
2. Rajesh* 2nd prize in Speech
3. Rajesh* 1st prize in Story Writing
4. A.J. Augustine 1st prize in Poetry

AASHA Rehabilitation Home in Selaiyur, Chennai #mentalhealth #rehabilitation #recovery #livingwithdignity